The Different Shades of Tiffani

My name is Tiffani & if you came to my house you would think we’re opening a craft store or art gallery of sorts.   A docile little girl, stuck in a loud, ADHD woman’s body.  I’m from Louisiana, & no, I do not own an alligator.  I’m a cosmetologist & I have an unexplainable obsession with llamas, Mars & the number 3. I finally found someone as weird as I am. So, I decided to keep him. We will be wed on Nov. 7, 2015(my late brother’s birthday). I am also fond of canvas & brush..etc. I just want everybody to love everybody<3

Me & my dogs.

I have a deep passion for many things. Some of those things include:
Humor, hair, make-up, art, people, happiness, smiles, imagination, creating things, & inspiration.
In no particular order, of course.


So, that is exactly what I am here for. In hopes to happily make a couple of people laugh & share my different types of art. Explore what other’s create, while connecting with some imaginative people. And with any hope, I will make some new friends to share inspiration & smiles with. Let’s all be awesome together!

You’re cordially invited to enjoy everything that I have to offer; as I enjoy what all you have to offer me(:




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