Journey Through the Lens with Jacob and Tiffani: Part 2- The Guy Behind That Camera

Journey Through the Lens with Jacob and Tiffani:

Part 2- The Guy Behind That Camera

As a follow up to my post yesterday, I’d like to formally introduce you to my partner and good friend, Jacob Breaux.  In order to do this, I have constructed an interview of about 20 questions, that I believe the public would be interested to know. 
I will start off first by, telling you a little bit of background information.

Man behind that camera

Jacob Breaux was born in January of 1986.  He picked up photography in high school, as a hobby.  Normally, he took shots at family get-togethers, and things of that sort.
“I’ve always searched for an outlet for my creativity.”
“I’ve always searched for an outlet for my creativity,” Jacob explains.  “In high school, I took photography and used a 35mm film camera.  I fell in love with photography more, after learning all that is in just one image.”
Jacob continues on to tell me that his desire to control all aspects of an image finally got the best of him- about four years ago when he purchased a refurbished DSLR camera for $500.  He also states, “Most people don’t know what makes an image captivating. There is a Method to the madness.”
Now, let’s get this party started(:
1. What initially interested you in/how did you get started in photography?
“I’ve always thought I saw the world through a camera lens. I’ve always looked at the world saying, ‘that would make a cool picture.’ Once I picked up the camera, a whole new me was born.”
2. How long have you been in the business of photography?
“I’ve been into photography for about 12 years; professionally, 3 years.”

New Heights Gym Girl

3. Who are some photographers who influenced you and your style?
“Well, I was introduced to the world of creative photography by a local photographer by the name of Tyler Hebert. I’ve always had a fixation with the “weird” side of art. He took fringe art and made it beautiful. I’ve never been one to want to be the “norm”. He opened my eyes to my style of art and how it can appeal to the mass.”
4. Since you’ve started in the industry, who are some new-found “photography role models” that you have?
“To be honest I don’t really follow many photographers. I do a have a few creative people I keep track of. One being Alexys Fleming, her style matches exactly how I picture my ideas. She’s amazing.”
5.  How did you go about selling your first photograph/setting up your first shoot?
“It kind of fell into my lap. I did some creative shoots and people praised my vision. I started this just as an outlet for my creativity not to make money doing. It. I honestly didn’t think people would pay me to turn a fantasy world I have pictured in my head into realty. Along the way people have offered to pay me for my creative work. I still find it weird that people think that much of my work. It’s an amazing feeling. “
6. I know that photography isn’t your only job.  Is your goal for it to be your primary career?  If so, how do you plan/what are you currently doing, to achieve that goal?
“I would love to have this provide for my family. With a family I am scared to dive head first. My life is no longer about me.  I have a wife and child to support. They come first and until income is guaranteed from photography, I sadly can’t make the leap. Till then it will be a slow process to transition it into a career. This only means more time to master different aspects of photography.”
Wife and child
Wife, Heather and son, Sawyer
son handsome sawyer
Jacob Breaux Photography
son sawyer yellow bucket
Jacob Breaux Photography
7. In your opinion, is photography a hard line of work to get into?  What did you do to switch from hobby to business?
“Sadly, it is too easy to get into. All you need is a few hundred dollars and you can be a “photographer”. The market is saturated with point and shoot photographers. Most of these people put the camera in auto mode and never spend the time learning what goes into an image. This frustrates me. I’ve always wanted to understand photography as a whole. These people just want the money. They come in and charge half the price and don’t understand what it takes to run a business.”
8. What goals are you working towards within your photography and when/how will you know when you have reached them?
“Well I have this goal to work with a famous person. This will be my first “aha” “you made it” moment. To know that my work has reach the right person and caught their eye. When I reach that goal I don’t know what is next, besides greatness”
He says this with an angelic smile.
9.  If you could work along side any one photographer who would it be?  Why?
“Tyler (Hebert), he’s amazing with the edit side of an image. He can take an ordinary photo and make it phenomenal. I would love to work with the person that showed me that creative photography doesn’t have to be ‘weird’. “
10. Do you prefer digital photography or photography using negatives? Why?
“Digital is hard to deny. It saves a ton of money. You can manipulate the image in any way that you want. This is a magical concept. The possibilities are endless who can argue against that. Your point is null and void”
He says this, again, with an angelic smile.
11. Do you prefer to photograph in color or black-and-white? Why?
“Black and white is harder to tell a story with. But, when it is done right, in my opinion, it is more powerful than any color image. “
12.    What would you say is more important Good Knowledge/Good Equipment?
“Knowledge. I can use my $500 dollar camera and you have a $6,000 camera. We take the same photo and I know all the aspects of the camera, you don’t. I can’t make that photo look however I want it to.  Not limit my self to what the camera suggests.”
13. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on an assignment?
“Well, I won’t go into detail but I’ll say this- don’t sell yourself as something you are not. Nothing bothers me more than showing up to a shoot..and you look totally different than you have portrayed yourself. “

Weddings Flower Girl

14. What is your favorite subject matter to photograph (I.E. People, landscapes, still life, etc)?
“I love to mash the normal with what the heck I want.  I want you to be caught off guard but still say, “wow that’s beautiful.”
15. What genre of photography are you interested in most?  Why?
“Creative. In this field I am only limited to what I want to do, not what I can do. It’s amazing to make something that captivates an audience with an image they would have never thought of.”

Breakfast Gym Lights

16.  What genre of photography are you least interested in and why?
“Pets 🙂 I know people love pets it’s just not for me. “
17. What inspires you?
“Being able to put something out and instead of bashing someone opens up their mind and praises it even if it’s “weird”. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to make this happen.”
18. Who is your biggest support?  Who encouraged you the most to go after your dreams and who has helped you maintain a level head through it all?
“My wife.  She’s the one that tells me to keep doing what I do and to hell with the people that are narrow minded and bash my work. She is willing to help in any way. Without her, this is not possible for me to do this. She’s understanding completely.  She never says no. She pushes me to do more!”

Son and Wife

19. What have you learned/gained from expanding your passion for photography?
“I’ve learned that people are willing to expand their minds if you deliver it in a way that makes it beautiful.”
20. Do you have a message or any tips or encouraging words to any aspiring photographers/artist?
“Never take no for an answer. If someone doesn’t like your work, there are 10 people who love it. Do what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to be or do anything.”
This will conclude my interview today with Jacob.  I hope this has given you a little more insight on photography and the inner workings of a very interesting photographer’s mind.  To sum up my article; I will again share with you some of Jacob Breaux Photography’s works:



If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn/see more of Jacob Breaux and his photography, you can visit his website at the link below:

You can also check him out on Facebook (Jacob Breaux Photography)
& Instagram
Username: @JacobBreauxPhotography337



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