Her Name is Heather, Part 2: Life as The Wife of a Creative Photographer.

“Her Name is Heather”

Part 2: Life as The Wife of a Creative Photographer.

One of Heather’s Maternity photos by Jacob Breaux Photography

Since Jacob Breaux has first spoken of broadening his horizons with photography, Heather has encouraged him. She supports him and even helps him with almost every single shoot that he does. Jacob has some very different creative ideas, than a lot of artist. And, though, some of his shoots seem like they should be unbearably hard for his wife to watch, she not only is usually along side him but, she is also always helping with her input; which he truly relies on and trust. It’s an amazing process to see, and I feel blessed that I have the pleasure of doing so on a regular basis. And, I know she does way more behind the scenes, than most people even fathom. However, I know there are some questions for Heather that, a lot of women would be dying to know the answer to. And questions we can ask, to help you better understand to what great magnitude, she is a necessary aspect to Jacob’s creative process. So, I’m going to ask her those questions, here today(:

Heather captured by Jacob Breaux Photography

First, let’s start with Jacob and Heather’s busy life, around photography.


What are you and Jacob’s full-time jobs?
“I am a pharmacy tech, full-time. And Jacob is the branch operating manager at Whitney bank. We also have an 11 month old beautiful boy, named sawyer.”

Heather’s sister-in-law, Jade, with Sawyer.


How do you two find time to do his photography?
“It is really hard to find time for photo shoots but, it is Jacobs passion so, we do what we can to make it happen. Jacobs sister, Jade, is a huge help, and anytime that we need her, she’s there to help with sawyer.”


Do you wish to have more or less time dedicated to his photography, compared to how it is now?
“I wish we had more time to do all the things he wants to do with photography. But, there are only so many hours in a day. Hopefully one day he will be able to do it as his full-time job!”

Now, let’s talk about what it is that you actually do for/with Jacob.


What ‘jobs’ to you have at shoots, and in what ways do you impact Jacob’s creative process, as a whole?
“When I go with Jacob on shoots, I help position people and make sure the right angle or pose is used. We know how he loves to put people’s hands on their faces, haha.”

‘Breakfast’ Make-up by Heather Breaux

Do you ever give him ideas for shoots, or is it solely ideas based on his imagination?
“Sometimes I help him with the creative factor. But, everyone knows you (referring to myself) and him are the most creative out of this trio,” she says with a wink.


How important is it to Jacob that you are a participant in his shoot?
“Jacob used to be very dependent on my presence at a shoot, just because he felt more comfortable and I always help with poses.”

How important is it to you, that you are a participant in Jacob’s shoots?
I like to be up to date and as involved as I can with each shoot.”

What are your favorite shoots to work on, with Jacob?
My favorite shoots are the ones with meaning that tell a story. Like the one with you and Summer.”
(The shoot that she is referring to, is one we did, telling the story of someone over coming drug and alcohol addiction.)

Heather Breaux
Jacob Breaux Photography

What are your least favorite?
My least favorite or the naked and or half-naked ones!” She replies, as she laughs.

Ok, now, down to the nitty naked girls..

Does/did it ever bother you that he wanted to work with nudity? If so, How do you get past him working with nudity?
Of course it bothers me for him to work with nudity! I’m only human, ya know, haha. But Jacob sees the creative art behind it and I would never hold him back from doing something that he’s passionate about. The women are always very professional and I’m usually there, just in case one decides to get feisty,” she replies, wittily.

Would you rather participate in shoots with nudity or, not so much?
“Most of the nude shoots, I would rAther not participate in. I’m just not a fan of naked people. I don’t know.”

Enough of the dirty stuff.

“Change I Must, or Die I Will” Captured by Jacob Breaux Photography
“Change I Must, or Die I Will” Captured by Jacob Breaux Photography

What shoots have Jacob done, that have had real meaning or meant the most to you?
“The addiction, breast cancer and Shelby’s wedding were the shoots that meant the most to me.”


Do you have any favorite people, that the two of you collaborate with?
“I always love working with you, of course!! Some of the other people (models) we have worked with are very natural at the process like, Krystal Broussard and Raeven Bourque; just to name a couple.”

Do you ever model for any of Jacob’s shoots?
“I have modeled for a few of his shoots, I wish there were more that I did but, ya know,” she quizzically replies.

What shoot ideas would you like to see brought to life?
“I would like to do some more meaningful shoots..-like, when we talked about helping a homeless person find a job. Clean them up, get their view on things… Stuff like that. Also, someone who struggled with rape, abortion, adoption.”

I can definitely see how these issues could be meaningful and make an impact on some people and their lives.

What do you hope to see for Jacob’s future in photography?
“I hope that people understand his creative views, in his pictures, without negative judgement. I wish to see him succeed and go far with this!”

And I guess that about wraps up my questions for today! I’d like to, once again, thank Heather for how open about her life, and friendly she has been. She is always a pleasure to work and speak with.

I really hope you all enjoyed the input for today! Just another day through the eyes of one of Louisiana’s hidden treasures, that are great people.

What are some interesting types of people who you’d like to hear about? Artist? Photographers? Every day mothers? You never really know the captivating stories that lie beneath the surface, sometimes!



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