Her Name is Heather, Part 1: Overcoming a Harsh Reality That is Life

“Her Name is Heather”

Part 1: Overcoming a Harsh Reality That is Life


Heather Darby Breaux was born in Loreauville, Louisiana, in 1984. Heather was born into a family that consisted of two drug addicts, and herself (as a helpless baby). When Heather was six months old, her parents were seized of their rights as parents, and she was put in the custody of her maternal grandparents, who later adopted her.


Heather grew up, watching as her birth mother would go about fulfilling this vicious life cycle, that sadly takes a hold of people, far too often. She regularly witnessed her mother using drugs, drinking, and doing flat-out, crazy things, in general.
At one point, Heather’s mother was incarcerated for a while. Heather would often have to visit her mother in prison, and she hated every second of it. Heather relays that she was grateful when her grandmother (who she always, respectfully refers to as ‘Mom’) told her that she no longer had to make her visits, if she did not want to.

Eventually, Heather’s mother got out of jail. Of course, this was inevitable.

After she was released from jail, Heather’s mother would sometimes live with them, on and off. During these times, Heather would again witness her mother using and drinking. She recalls always seeing different, random people dropping her mother back off at home. It would be the middle of the day, and she would already be drunk, using, or both. She states, at one point, “The story never ends, on how much that I’ve seen. But, my grandparents provided a safe and loving home for me. And that, I wouldn’t change for anything.

“I was her caretaker… ” “Which was hard, being so young. But, it taught me true love, responsibility, and caring for people that you love, no matter what.”

When Heather was 17 years old, her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought a strong fight, for a year and a half, and Heather was by her side the entire way.
I was her caretaker. I cleaned and bandaged her wounds, and helped her in any way that I could. Which was hard, being so young. But, it taught me true love, responsibility, and caring for people that you love, no matter what,” Heather explains.

Heather mentions that there were people in her family that used this experience to play the role of a ‘victim’. She then proclaims, very matter-of-factly, “I am not a victim. I am a survivor.”

Have there ever been more motivated and inspiring words?


Heather met Jacob in May of 2004, at a local club. She giggles, as she says, “he only tugged on my hair for two months of seeing me there, before he finally asked me to dance.” And so, the story grows into love from there. They have always had a very wonderful relationship, and they are partners 100%.
Heather and Jacob were wed in June of 2010, and had their first and only (for now, hehe) child in May of 2013. Heather smiles, as she tells me, “we work out any problem we come across, as a team. I wouldn’t have it any other way, with any other person.”

I think Heather’s story is a beautiful and inspiring one. There is so much positive to seek out of the negative that she has been through. I would like to thank Heather for being so open about her life and so friendly. And I truly hope this portion of her story has inspired and possibly can help some of you, in any way.

20140418-195030.jpg20140418-195004.jpg 20140418-195017.jpg

What are some things you have gone through, that helped form the person that you are today?
How did you overcome the hard times in your past? And how do you use those lessons, in your life now?

Heather and her family


Heather Breaux; captured by Jacob Breaux Photography
Heather Breaux by Jacob Breaux Photography
Heather Breaux; captured by Jacob Breaux Photography

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