Licensed, professional hair & make-up artist. Self-taught freelance artist. Self proclaimed philosopher/ Life Guru in training. I am also a part-time ninja.

I mustache you a question. But, I shall shave it for later.

I tend to make the joke that , ‘I was born either a generation late or early.’ Sometimes, I tend to think, it was a generation late. However, most of my friends argue the opposite. Maybe we are both correct…history does seem to repeat itself, haha.

In a twist of events, I found the quieter, more grounded ying, to my loud, dreamer yang, that I am. We are dedicated to learning how to spend our lives together & make our very own little versions of humans one day. And the plot thickens…
I like to make people happy & I enjoy laughing, a lot. If all I can do is spread some joy & inspiration, then I’m totally cool with that. I’m rather random. I’d say you’ll figure me out…but, I don’t think that I have even done that yet:P. Don’t worry…you’ll see soon enough(;


I am a little new in the Blog world. Please bare with me until I find my happy place here(: Needless to say, my site is still slightly under construction!



I also very much enjoy changing the color of my hair(:

Peace, Love, & Squirrel Ninjas in Blue Jumpsuits.

8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Tiffani,

    Great to know you and wish you all the best as you journey on. What is the big picture that you hold as you do that?

    All the best in your blogging endeavours.


    P.S. What makes you call this memoirs?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Memoir mem-wahr


      a record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation.
      Usually, memoirs.
      an account of one’s personal life and experiences; autobiography.
      the published record of the proceedings of a group or organization, as of a learned society.
      a biography or biographical sketch.
      Origin: 1560–70; < French mémoire < Latin memoria; see memory

      2a. journal, recollections, reminiscences.


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