Nobody is Alone

One of Summer’s maternity photos by Jacob Breaux Photography.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of my best friends, Summer. Summer is a new blogger and mother, who has a desire to help inform and support the public through their life experience/struggles via her own. She intends on doing this through her blog, Nobody Is Alone. I will first, help you to get to know Summer. I will then provide you with a link to her blog. I strongly urge you to check out, Nobody Is Alone, if you’re interested!

Summer and her son.

Summer is not your average 24-year-old woman. Why, do you ask? Because, Summer has bipolar disorder. She also, possibly, has an array of conditions (I.e. Nervousness, or abandonment issues) due to her life situations in the past. We won’t diagnose anything for her, lol.

Summer and her family.20140415-212418.jpg


Summer has recently begun a very healthy journey in bettering herself as a person. She’s doing this by engaging in things, like beginning to go to therapy. In my honest opinion, she is a beautiful woman on the inside and out. However, I am aware that she has gone through, and still does go through, trials and tribulations that make her the strong woman that she is today. With that being said, anything to fulfill the bettering of yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. Nor is having a chemical imbalance, such as, bipolar disorder. That’s all it is- a chemical imbalance. And it’s far more common than you may think.

My mother and grandmother both suffer from bipolar, as well as, Summer. I have seen, first hand, how greatly it can impact your life, self-esteem, and sanity. Yes, it can effect your sanity. That means, having bipolar does not make you crazy. It does not have to, either. Don’t let it. You are not bipolar. Bipolar is not who you are. It is an imbalance. You have bipolar disorder. Don’t let it define who you are.

Summer as an infant.

Summer’s childhood was a constant roller coaster ride. Her father was rarely around, she had open heart surgery at the age of five, & lost her grandmother and role model when she was about 12. Losing her grandmother changed her forever.

Right before summer was to start high school, her mother moved to Houston, Texas. Summer decided to stay in Louisiana, and live with her father, whom she barely knew. She was deeply in love with a boy and she just could not bare to leave him. A boy, who, later ended up cheating on her. This may have been partially due to the fact that, her father hated him, forcing them to have to sneak around to see each other. However, in retrospect, her prolonged relationship with him, was probably only due to her inner urges to rebel against her father. This is when Summer started to lose her ability to trust. And she began to hold all of this, muzzled down inside of her for many, many years.

Life with Summer’s father and step-mother was no picnic. She often refers to them treating her like ‘the red headed stepchild’. Basically, when it came to her in relation to her half sisters, things were very ‘yours’, ‘mine’, and ‘ours’. She was just a little pushed to the side because, she wasn’t one of ‘their’ children.

Later on in high school, when summer started dating a boy of a different race, her father decided that enough was enough. And upon these ridiculous standards, he deemed her trash, kicked her out of his house, and has not spoken with her since. Looking back, she has told me, the relationship wasn’t one of true love. This took her down some horrific paths. All which, of course, will be covered in her blog at some point.

From there she moved to Houston with her mother. With that came a whole other chapter of good and bad on goings. Eventually, she ended up back here, in Louisiana. The trip started as a visit & she never left.

Finally, in 2009 she was diagnosed with bipolar. I don’t want to give away too much detail before you have the opportunity to check her out her blog. So, I will move on to her blog link and other information(: But, I have not even covered a small portion of the astonishing things this strong young woman has endured in her short 24 years.

20140415-212449.jpg Summer and my late brother, Martin, for my birthday one year.

If you’re interested in learning more about bipolar disorder, or can relate to anything in this blog and want support, Summer is open and available to anyone who would like to reach out to her. Have a great day and don’t forget to check out her blog, Nobody is Alone

You can also check her out in Facebook!



Summer and her late best friend, Rusty.


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