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Forever Grateful

No matter what goes wrong, we just have to remember to stay thankful. Thankful that we have another day and thankful for all that, that day brings.

When I feel like I can’t catch a break, I just thank God for my support system (family & friends) and my growing family. I thank God everyday, for me not going at this life alone….At least I have my partner.

His problems are my problems and my problems are his. That’s the commitment we made to each other. And while some may look at that as, extra problems…I look at it, as a promise that, I’ll never have to face my problems alone.

And for that, I am forever grateful.

What are you grateful for today?

Communication, Dedication, Relationships, & The Lovely Number 3

I think one of the main problems in relationships is probably a lack of communication/effort. And honestly, can you blame people in the world today for that? I think some people are just too sensitive.
For example: The other day Josh & I were talking and he told me that at some point in our relationship, he really wanted to just give up and get out. And actually, I can identify with that. But, I am a dedicated person and this is what I chose. I think at some point of everyone’s relationship, they may end up feeling that way. I think that this is true because, you transition from always trying to impress someone, to being more comfortable around them. In addition, living together takes adjustments.
Now, this could have hurt my feelings and I could have made it an issue. But, why? You know what that says to me? ‘Hey, at some point you became too human and I didn’t like it. But, I love you so I stuck it out because, I had faith it would get better.  And it did.’ That’s what it is all about. That’s unconditional love. Unless someone is hurting you and/or your family, don’t give up. Unless, of course, they put no effort into bettering your relationship WITH YOU (it’s no one’s responsibility alone). In these cases, you deserve someone who will try with you.

I once read that marriages now a days don’t last because, ‘people are lazy & just throw them away and get new ones. As opposed to fixing what’s broken.”  Now, obviously that does not stand true to everyone but, I don’t think it’s too far from the truth.

Joshua and I definitely don’t always agree.  Our visions tend to be quiet different from one and other’s.  Our brains were actually cut from completely different molds..and there is not one ounce of doubt about that.  Sometimes we even have to remind each other that neither of us can read minds..thus, have no idea what the other is thinking, until it is stated clearly, outloud.  (I guess we aren’t that different after all)  We have gone through our fair share of misunderstandings and disagreements.  We still do.  Sometimes, something as simple as, how we have interpreted a line in a movie, can lead to a heated debate.  We both have hard heads and we quiet often both think we are the one who is correct. (Silly, I know.  Of course, I’m always right(; )  But, we have learned to communicate through that.  We have accepted that we are two different people and we are not required to always agree.  And though, often, we still leave our conversations secretly thinking we are the one who is right..we know that it really doesn’t matter.  Or, maybe there’s more than one correct answer even.  Sometimes, I think we just feed off of debate energy.  Whatever it is, however it is handled, I am sure of one thing..

I trust that I’ve finally found someone who won’t give up on me, regardless of what I/we have going on. And, I love him a whole lot. So, I’m going to stick by his side, no matter what. Because, that’s what love is. Don’t take it for granted. No one is perfect. You definitely are not perfect, nor am I. So, why would we expect our partner to be?  Isn’t that the one person we should love enough to look past their flaws anyway? 

My brother is my best friend in the whole world.  When he died in 2012, Joshua was my biggest supporter.  I felt like a piece of my heart died with my brother.  Josh did everything that he possibly could to understand what I was going through, keep me up when it was bringing me down, and try as hard as possible to fill that empty space in my heart with something happy.  Little did I know, it would only be a short year, until I returned the favor.

In March of 2013, Josh’s father was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, primary unknown.  The doctors gave him a year.  In November of 2013, my future father-in-law passed away.  This was and still is one of the hardest things Joshua has ever gone through.  He not only lost his father, merely a year after we lost my brother..but, he gained great responsibility from the business his father owned and had not prepared him completely to run.  I’ve had to take a leave from my new and exciting world full of color, hair, & make-up to help him in his copy machine business. 

Is it as much fun?  No.  Is it just as fulfilling to know I am doing an irreplacable favor to the one man I truly love?  Yes.  So, this is where we are as of now

3 years may seem simple. But, we have endured so much in that time.  We have withstood it together.  I am not sure how and in what ways it would be different if I was alone.  But, I do know how hard it was with Josh by my side.  And, that makes me very concious to the fact that I am not sure if I could have handled it alone.  And I feel so incredible blessed that I did not have to.  Because, I have my flawed, copy-machine man…and he’s my hero.  His armor may not be shiny and his sword may look more like a USB.  He is not perfect and will never be (regardless of what he claims, lol)…despite this, nothing will ever change the fact that he is my savior.  I am grateful for this man who is so different from me, yet so much the same; in so many ways.  I am so thankful for my right-hand man.  I know he will always be where he belongs.  Not, in front, behind, above, or below me..but, right by my side.

If you  have the pleasure of having found this in your lifetime…Respect it.  Cherish it.  Build on it.  I hope, for your own sake, you take every opportunity to be thankful for the blessing of finding someone who not only understands you & loves you but, also loves you enough to continue being there..even when they don’t understand you.

All I know is, I am so proud of the union Josh & I have become. I feel incredibly blessed to have someone that I honestly don’t even have to feel like worrying about being left alone or not made to feel loved. We’ve been through A LOT in these past 3+ years. We still are going through plenty & he was always there with me. Through every. last. thing. & I, with him. That’s hard to find now a days.

So, if you have someone. One of those people who you know, even if you lost EVERYTHING, they’d still be there so you didn’t have to lose it all alone…maybe, you should go home today & do something to make sure they know that you are grateful and the feeling is mutual. Because, you’re both very lucky people.

And as unlucky as I am sometime..I am one very lucky, very blessed woman.

That Moment: Rejoice In What You’re Given

“Happiness isn’t about getting what you want. Happiness is about wanting what you’ve got.”
It’s crazy. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s that moment when it all hits you. Life isn’t always a fairy tale..& the good really do die young sometimes.

Not all people are angels but, you shouldn’t take it for granted when you do have one. It is that moment when you realize, you’ll never see them again. Sometimes you don’t even know them; it just reminds you that it could have been you…or someone close to you.

With so much going on these days..we tend to get caught up. And while it usually isn’t on purpose, sometimes we neglect, take advantage of, and under appreciate the people and things we love the most. I think that today, we should all go home & just be thankful. Give your family hugs and be thankful for all you have. You may not have the best of everything but, some people don’t even have a mediocre version of the things they NEED. So rejoice in what you have been given.

Happiness is not about getting what you want. Happiness is about wanting what you already have.

And if there’s something missing..just pray. If there is someone missing…pray. Maybe you can’t bring them back; but you sure as heck can help their spirit live on.

 Do you have these moments? Do you forget to show appreciation sometimes? Have you lost someone or something that really means a lot to you? How are you helping someone you lost, live on? Today, lets make all efforts to show someone appreciation and remind ourself how lucky we truly are! And today, lets also find a way to honor anyone special we have lost.

Martini the Great. My Big/Little Brother

Today I am just reflecting on how I was somehow blessed enough to have this man as not only my brother, but my very best friend. He is without a doubt, Hero Status. I’ve learned so much, & will continue learning so much from him.

My brother struggled with many, many difficulties, from the day he entered this world. He was a dwarf and his condition was accompanied by many physical issues. His lifetime was full of surgeries, back braces, physical problems, physical set back, and the list could go on forever.

Despite all of this, Martin lead an extraordinary life. Don’t get me wrong…his struggles were very real. They have so much depth to them, that I pray most people don’t have to ever withstand in their lifetime.

Martin’s a very easy going guy who loved ALL of his family & friends. He has absolutely no problem meeting new people and he loved making new friends. Martin loved stand-up comedy and he aspired to be a stand-up comedian one day. Martin earned his associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. He was also a Volunteer Fire Fighter for 5+ years.

Martini (as I liked to call him) had No filter, he was an open book & always there for anyone who needed. Hilarious beyond reason. Biggest little guy around, without a doubt. Extremely intelligent, very open-minded, sarcastic, & blunt. A friend to everyone, Martin has always been a true angel.

After he left us, SO many people came in contact with me. Some of them just to let me know the impact he had on their life…while others, almost seemed to need to connect to me because, of how devastating it was to lose him. Martin struggled with suicidal like issues in a rough patch of his life. Little did we all know, that he was using these experiences to help others overcome their own self-harming thoughts, etc.

I couldn’t begin to imagine my life without the experiences/good times/crazy moments we shared. Truly one of the strongest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Even when he hit rock bottom, he rose above it all. There will never be another man quite like this one. Dynamite sure does come in small packages.

Martin passed away respectfully & peacefully in his sleep. And he more than deserved to go peacefully. He had been having a lot of health complications within the entire year before he died. His passing was due to his low blood sugar. When he left us, he was in a sugar coma of sorts. And while this is sad…it also comforts me a little knowing that. In a sugar coma, you are well beyond having become aggressive, then delusional. Thus, even if he encountered pain, he probably was not aware of it.

He will forever watch over us.

I love you with all my heart & soul, Martin LeBlanc. I thank God for every day that I had you here with me…and for every day that I have you by my side as my angel. God bless your soul. You will always be the BEST BIG brother in the world. And you’ll always be my very bestest friend. There’s not a chance in the world that anyone could take your place. My heart is with you forever.

Rest In Peace Martini!



Today I am Thankful.

Today I am thankful for all the bullies in my past. All the weekends I spent alone. All the friends that I didn’t have when I was little because, I was ‘weird‘. Everyone who’s taken advantage of me. All the fake friends & the passers by. I appreciate all of you, for forcing me to concentrate on myself. Because, while, it could have broken me..instead, it made me find myself. Appreciate myself; so in turn, others could appreciate me also. I’m more than proud of the progress I have made in my Life. I’ve grown so much. The pain made me strong. The time made me wise. So, there will never be any hard feelings. I would not be who I am today, without you(: Your strange, friendly, neighborhood Tiffani!

Have a great night!

Love, Peace, & Trippy Polar Bears.


Thankful for Reminders

I just want to thank God & the universe, right here, right now, for all the awesome people in our lives.

When times get hard & stressful, it is so easy to lose sight of what’s really in front of you.

Suddenly it feels like everything is wrong. Sometimes we feel like the people truly helping us, are against us. As humans, we let ourselves be blinded when we become overwhelmed.

It’s truly a blessing to have people in your life who will simply provide kind words when you need them. To help calm you down & bring you back to reality. They make you remember to appreciate what you have & help you see who really is there to help and to hurt you.
And sometimes they do all this, without even realizing it. They are just trying to be there because, they love you. Sometimes they don’t even know the weight they lift off of your shoulders. Those people are blessings. That is real love. Expecting nothing in return, just wanting someone to be happy.

Thank you
. Because, as a human, I don’t think I could handle it all alone. And even though, I do think I’ve done a lot for myself in my life…I am not going to stand here and try to say that I have done it all alone. I would have never made it half this far in my life…without, at least, the moral support of the people I love.

I really hope you all have a wonderful day(: