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What About Me, Inspires Me

This is an article that I wrote from Inspired Imagery Magazine, that I would like to share with you today.


When I was approached by Jacob, about writing this article; I instantly felt two distinct emotions. Initially, I was super excited (and honored, so three emotions, I guess), of course. How flattering, that someone thinks I write well enough, to ask me to do an article for a magazine’s first issue.

As we spoke about what the subject of the article would be; I seamlessly went from excited, to perplexed.

“‘What inspires me?’ Oh, well, that can’t be too hard, right?” Wait for it..The Moment of Realization: writing about yourself, for a lot of people, is one of the hardest and most awkward things to have to do. Then, I started wondering to myself, “well, why is that? Why is it so hard and awkward for us to talk about ourselves? Shouldn’t we know ourselves, better than anyone else does?”

I still don’t really know the answer to any of those particular questions. However, after much thought and consideration, I do believe that I stumbled upon the answer (or, at least, one of the answers) to, at least, one question that is raised in this article. And that question, is what this entire article is supposed to be about, to begin with. I guess, I was kind of ‘inspired’ (to force myself), to go the other direction, as opposed to letting this awkwardness overwhelm me. This will not be awkward. This shouldn’t be awkward. And, if it is; then, we’ll just try to make sure it’s funny, at least.

In my ‘self-journey’ of sorts, I stumbled upon many reasons why I believe that I inspire myself. Yes, you understood me correctly. No, I do not believe myself to be a boastful person. However, if you stay with me for a few moments, I am confident that there’s a tiny chance that I captivate you with my words. Thus, inspiring you, which, is also another thing that inspires me. I am inspired by, inspiring others.

First, I went the technical route. The initial thing that drew me to the conclusion of ‘self-inspiration’ is that fact that, technically, I really do. I inspire myself because, in all actuality, it is my brain that identifies certain things and triggers inspiration. So, logically, I do, in fact, inspire myself. However, my second thought process brought me back to my earlier questions. When Jacob asked me, what inspires me, it really did make me think. Telling someone about what inspires me, is basically like telling someone who I am…and, I,like many others, find it incredibly hard to write about myself.

I found myself in deep thought, of how awkward it feels to write good things about myself. And the astonishing amounts of people, who also suffer from this kinda of anxiety, if you will. That’s when I made the decision to recognize that I do inspire myself, and I should totally write about that. ‘Why’ Do you ask? -And to that I respond, “Why not?’

I feel as if it is the truth. I also feel as though it is a good exercise in improving my self-worth. A lot of us could benefit from complimenting ourselves a little bit more often. Why should that be something to be ashamed of? Our entire lives, we’re supposed to try to be the best that we can be, right? Well, this is me; at this point. I am trying my best to be the very best me that I can possibly be. And, that in itself, is something to be proud of. I feel like, THAT is inspiring. And I want you to try it to.

Without further ado, here are some things, about myself, that inspire me:

I am inspired by how I look on the bright-side in situations and my love for eye-catching colors. I am inspired by how simple it is to make me happy and the joy I get from appreciating what I have been given. It uplifts me, to think about how I have overcome so much in my life and how wonderful I help my loved ones feel about themselves. I love the fact that I get along with so many different types of people. It is inspiring to me, that I have learned to move on and learned lessons from ‘bad’ times I have gone through. I have withstood one of the hardest things I could imagine going through in my life..-and I am, not only, still here but, I am a stronger woman for it. I love that I am inspired by things, like smiling faces around me. It amazes me that I have so much love in my heart. It amazes me even more that, I have more opportunities to love this way, in my future, than I have had in my past. My talents inspire me, along with my ability to make the most interesting friends in the world. Loving, creating, dreaming, laughing, these are all things that inspire me. I do all of these thing, every single day. And for the first time ever..I feel like I could go on and on about this subject! It’s truly an amazing feeling, to make yourself think about what good, you, personally put forth into the world.


What about you, inspires you? What about the person you are, will make life a little more worth living?


[Be]lieve in [you]rself

Be weird, be random..if that’s what you are. Be shy, be soft spoken..if that’s what comes naturally. Be outspoken or bitchy, funny, or humble. Witty, creative, goofy, sarcastic. Whatever it is, let it shine..as long as it’s yours.

Being yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. Being something you are not, is.

There’s someone, somewhere in the world that is looking for someone just like you.

Maybe they need someone to bring warmth back into their hearts. Maybe they need someone to help keep themselves in line. Whatever the case, it’s YOUR personality they may be searching to mesh with..and if you’re too busy acting like someone else, they’re going to pass you right by. Then, nobody wins.

So why hide yourself? You’re beautiful.

After while crocodile.
Love, Peace, & Egg Sandmiches.