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Life Lessons: Part I

These are just a few things I have learned about life thus far:

1. It isn’t perfect. That’s right. It’s just like you and I. Full of flaws.
2. You need to have goals, but you should never rely on plans.
Which brings me to my next lesson..
3. Expect the unexpected…and expect a sh*t ton of the expected.
4. Don’t take for granted the little things, one day, they may be all you have..one day you may be fighting to keep them because, it’s all you have left.
5. Forgive easily, but never, ever, forget. But, don’t dwell. MoveOn is the best medicine, right under laughter.
6. I’ve learned happiness.
7. I’ve learned to be well-rounded.
8. How to love.
9. To find more beauty in imperfections, rather than visa versa; which is ideal.
10. We’re all human, & somethings..we just can’t help.
A. Love but, you can draw the line at respect.
B. You can’t help but ‘judge’ people to a certain extent, so try to keep a positive outlook when meeting them & an open mind afterward; you may let one of the potentially best people in your life slip by.

11. And finally, I’ve learned that no matter what your hard head wants to believe, everything is a little give AND a little take..
I don’t believe anything is going to fall in your lap and you’ll never have to work for it; but, I do believe in Fate.