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My First T-Shirt Designs

So, as most of you know, I am an artist that rather enjoys dabbling in lots of different types of art.  Well, with my new-found love (my digital art pad), I have been creating my little heart out.  

I’ve been a member on RedBubble.com for quite a while now.    However, I’ve only truly got to take advantage of it, when I recently started working with digital art.  I have been 100% loving everything about it.

Last night, I decided to create my first two t-shirt designs.  So, basically, I am just sharing those with you  today, hehe.  If, by some crazy chance, you would be interested in purchasing one of my designs, the link to each, is included, directly below the photos.

Martini Expressions
My Very /first T-Shirt Design



Second T-Shirt Design
Second T-Shirt Design



What do you think of my designs?  Is there anything, that you’d like to see me design?  Share your ideas with us!