RIP Martin James LeBlanc*😇

In October of 2012, my ‘big’ brother passed away. His name is Martin but, I always call him Martini. He was about two weeks shy of 27 at the time of his death & he was a dwarf. He had very many medical issues due to his condition and went through more than most people can imagine in his short time here, on Earth.

Martini is more than just my brother. More than just my best friend. He is part of me. He was always my main supporter & biggest fan and I, his. We had a very rare type of relationship that I truly wish all siblings had the pleasure of experiencing.
All our lives, our parents told us, that we were all each other had. And, though, as many siblings do, we ‘hated’ each other for so many of our teen years…we also grew up knowing that was the whole truth and nothing but, the truth.
And yet, here I stand, just Tiffani…no Martini that the eyes can see. But, don’t be fooled. He is there. We don’t break promises to each other. And he told me he’d always be here for me. So, I know he is. He makes sure I don’t forget by letting me know, in his own way, sometimes.

Martin defines the phrase “Big things come in small packages,” and he is one of the funniest & smartest men in my life. He is one of the most special & strongest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When he passed away, a large portion of my heart felt like it went with him. I miss him everyday of my life. Martin is my brother & my very best friend also. My ride or die. My side-kick.

Before Martin passed away, I could not fathom my life without him. Since he has passed, I try to see the positive.
I have officially lived through one of the worst things that could ever happen to me. It was hard. It still is hard, everyday. But, I made it. And guess what? I have the coolest mini Guardian Angel up there!

So, this page is to honor the memory (in anyway I can think of) of my brother, my best friend, my angel, Martin James LeBlanc.

I miss you so much & I love you with all my heart & soul, Bubba!











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