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Here it is Again.

Three years ago today and it never gets easier.  I wish my sweet daughter would have had the chance to meet her Uncle Martin. But, I see you in her all the time.  And what a blessing that is, because I miss my best friend. I love and miss you more than I could ever express in words, Martini. RIP, Bub.


Racism Is Hurting My Heart

I am almost in tears here. I know that because, I am pregnant, apparently I am in an emotional state. (Which, seems funny because, even the man that I live with doesn’t think I am that emotional while being pregnant.). But, I am so freaking over the racism.

First of all, HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN UNSEGREGATED?! Why is there so many close-minded people, OF EVERY RACE, that can not let this go?!

Hey guess what, if you are a white man and don’t agree with a white man getting married to a black woman; THEN DON’T GET MARRIED TO A BLACK WOMAN. And visa versa. And standing for all racial differences (and any other differences) in relationships & ect. How the hell is it changing your life, in anyway, if someone else does it?

Just the same, if a white person does something nice for another white person, HOW THE HELL IS THAT RACIST?! If I see a starving person on the side of the road, and they ask me for a few bucks for food…guess what? I’m going buy them a meal from a fast food restaurant or something, regardless of if they are white, black, yellow, purple, or a llama. (Yes, I know the llama thing is illogical but, I chose to throw some humor in this, so I don’t completely breakdown.)

I respect everyone’s opinion and I feel everyone has the right to feel the way they feel but, damnit! If you don’t like what OTHER people are doing (aside from hurting others in some way), there is a simple solution; MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

I just think that the world would be a much better place if we all worried more about loving one and other, as opposed to trying to find everyone’s flaws or make other people feel as if they are wrong about something, that doesn’t effect them in anyway.

And before you try and tell me that I am worrying about something that doesn’t effect me, myself…just shut up. Not only could (and has) racism effect(ed) me in other ways but, it effects me right here and right now because, I have a freaking heart. And it makes my freaking heart hurt.

I’m not here for an argument about the subject, either. I just truly need to let this emotion out. This is a long post so, if you disagree, you definitely didn’t have to read this far.

Rant over. Thanks for listening/reading, whatever.