Happy Birthday To Me

This year, for my birthday, I will not be dressing all cute, meeting up with a bunch of friends to go out and party, or doing anything that most people would consider ‘fun’ for that matter.

  Instead, I will more than likely, dress up my newborn, just to sit at home and stare at her while she sleeps.  I will probably do this alone.  I will remain sleep deprived from waking up every couple of hours to feed her and I will look a hot mess whilst doing it.  When her Poppa gets home, I will sit and stare at them interacting with each other, in awe of the love and family that we have started and share.  I definitely will not be ‘turning up’ and will probably be giving a whole new meaning to ‘popping bottles’.  Today will be a completely different birthday than I have ever had before.  For that, I am so very thankful.  I could not imagine a better way to spend my 28th birthday.  For, I have given myself the greatest birthday present, ever, this year..my sweet, beautiful daughter, Rilyn.