Clumbsy Boy Joke!

My Gramps always tells me the best jokes!

A little boy was playing outside. He went inside his house crying and holding his knee because, he fell.
His mom kissed his knee, to make it better, and let him go back outside.

A few minutes later, he came in crying and holding his elbow. Once again, his mother comforted him, kissed his elbow, & sent him back outside to play.

Not long after, the young boy comes back inside crying and holding his head. Naturally, his mother, yet again, kisses it and sends him on his way.

Once more, the little boy comes in crying. This time, he decided to ride his bike. He did a jump on his bike, and landed the wrong way. So here he is, crying & holding his crotch.

His mother sympathetically tells him, “It’s ok honey. Stop crying and the pain will go away in a couple of minutes.”
To which he replies, “Mom, aren’t you going to kiss it?!”
And his mother exclaims, “Boy, you get more and more like your dad everyday!!”


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