Poor Child

Some women and men (if you aren’t guilty then I am obviously not speaking about you) need to stop using your children, as pawns, in your stupid little mind games. If a man/woman doesn’t want to be with YOU, that doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t LOVE his/her children. And if YOU want to be part of your child’s life & the other party will not cooperate; then do what anyone who cared about their damn child would do; TAKE THAT SH*T TO TRIAL. I am SO tired of seeing people use their children as pawns in their twisted little “love games”.

You had a kid. It’s time to grow up, nut up, and put their needs & wants before your own lusts & desires.

Stop calling men deadbeats & keeping them from Y’ALL child just because, they don’t want anything to do with YOU anymore. And men, stop acting like every woman who doesn’t want you, is trying to keep you from y’all kid.

If you are using your child to get “likes” and get back at someone’s heart..then you need to close your Facebook or whatever, stop, and think real hard about how this will make YOU feel about YOURSELF later, and do what you have to do to be with your little one. Stop acting like the victim because, you are only making your child one.

THE CHILD DID NOT ASK TO BE ON THIS EARTH, in your sucky relationship. So, do your babies a favor and GROW UP.

And don’t come at me with that “well my baby daddy/baby momma really does do this” crap. I am aware that some people really do suck at life. I am venting about people who are victimizing themselves for no reason, thus causing their innocent children, future problems & struggles. However, this ain’t a place for your pity party.


I would also like to add, that your child is NOT a prize in a coin machine. STOP FIGHTING FOR THEM IF YOU DO NOT WANT THEM! There are millions upon millions of people who can’t have children, who would LOVE yours.  How are you going to go to court over a sweet baby and then neglect it afterward because, you just wanted to “win”?  Grow up.
 And don’t even tell me, that I don’t know what I am talking about. For FAR too long in my life, I WAS A PRODUCT OF THINGS LIKE THIS. Thankfully my mom & dad grew up & took responsibility for their wrong doings. And, I do nothing but, honor them for doing that for my brother and I. I applaud them.
It’s better late than never. So, don’t act like you can’t turn yourself around TODAY.
Rant over & I’m out.