Just A Small Town Girl...

Colourism, or discrimination based on skin colour, is a disease which exists within a large number of ethnic communities. Prejudice against darker skin tones has been a cause for concern for many years, and for some reason it’s grown to become taboo to talk about; one of those topics that we sweep under the rug. But as much as we may try to conceal it, the problem still exists and it continues to fester and spread. Now whilst I know that colourism exists within many ethnic communities, particularly amongst black people for example, I can only comment on what I’ve been exposed to growing up in a South-Asian, primarily Indian, environment where colourism is also rampant. Colourism amongst Indians largely exists due to the ancient and outdated Indian caste system that has existed for centuries and which has allied fair skin with rich and well-to-do people and dark skin with poor, lowly…

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