This aint a Pity Party Kind of Place!

There’s a thousand ways to say it..but, they all mean the same thing.

Nobody is Alone

Photography by: Jacob Breaux

So everyone in life has their ups and downs, right? Some just have more, and some just are worse. It’s life, it happens. No one person is perfect, but you cannot make excuses for your problems. You can’t sit there and pity yourself, especially to the point of not care about you and the people in your life who care about you. How is someone supposed to care about you when you don’t even care about yourself? And when you get to that point, then sit there and complain how you want things back to the way they were but don’t put in any effort then tough shit; no one wants to hear it. You should’ve bettered yourself from the get go, not when no one is there for you anymore.

I have been there, rock bottom but I realized the people who really loved me…

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Dear Best Friend, You’re A Mommy Now.

Today, I’d like to share with you a poem I have written for one of my best friends. She is a first time mother, of the most beautiful five month old baby boy, that I have ever seen. He is the light of my life and I love him with my whole heart. And, his mother and my best friend, Summer, is one of the strongest woman that I know. She’s more than a best friend; she’s my sister.

Anywho- I wrote this poem for her to receive on her first Mother’s Day. And, now I would like to share it with you all(: I’m no poet but, I think it served it’s purpose! I believe that it is touching with a funny little twist at the end(: I hope you enjoy.

Now You’re A Mother

When I found you,
A best friend was gained.
You were there to be weird with,
And when my heart was in pain.

Through good times and bad,
Best friends we remained.
I have a couple ‘sisters’,
But you aren’t quite the same.

With each other, we have family.
Love; a safe haven.
And I never knew that I could love so much,
Until you had Blayden.

Long story short,
Now you’re a mother.
Today is YOUR special day,
Enjoy that shit,
It’ll be 365 days until you get another.(;

Do you think that I did a good job? What are some other good ideas for Mommy’s first Mother’s Day?!