Inspired Imagery Magazine

Inspired Imagery Magazine

A little over a year ago, Jacob Breaux reached out to me, to do some hair and make-up work for a photo shoot, that he had planned. Little did I know, that accepting that one job would lead to so very much in the future.

Jacob Breaux Photography was a business on its way up and I was an aspiring cosmetologist. After our first job together, Jacob and I, both instantly recognized the artistic connection that we had made. This job worked out extremely well for us. And so, we began discussing the possibilities of working together, more often, in the future.
Partnering myself up with Jacob Breaux Photography has opened up many doors for us both, individually, and as a team. In the short time that we have worked together, we have pushed boundaries, started controversy, found the perfect balance of edginess and elegance, and most importantly, have brought to you some very outstanding art, if I do say so myself.

Jacob and I have explored many things together and journey through many realms of art. Our work has been published in a photography magazine (more than once), we have told stories via photo shoots, turned a woman’s chest into a beautiful, neon galaxy, painted bodies, and so much more! And, ultimately, we have yet again managed to broadened our horizons.
It all started a few months ago, when the magazine we had been featured in, went up for sale. Jacob, being the ambitious young man he is, even considered buying it. However, after much thought, his desires turned from just photography, to art in general.  Jacob searched high and low to find the type of magazine that he was looking for. He simply wanted to find an art magazine.  A magazine that featured all different realms of art, instead of just one. A magazine for people who are interested in the beauty & craft of creating any art at all. Art is such a very broad spectrum.

inspired imagery
Our Firsrt Issue!!

Much to Jacob’s dismay, he could not find the magazine of his dreams. But, did this slow Jacob down or stop him? Of course it did not. From that time on, Jacob was dedicated to creating this magazine of his dreams. And wouldn’t you know, he asked me to come along for the ride? I am proud to announce that I am the creative writer for Inspired Imagery Magazine. We are still building and making our selves better, but we are here to stay.

Our first issue was published at the beginning of this week. I have two articles featured in this issue. Our first issue, did turn out, to be mostly photographers. However, that is all the more reason that I will be needing a little help from you all! Later in this post, I will be including contact information, for any artist that may be interested in being featured in our months to come. Featured in our first issue are five professional photographers and our Artist Spotlight: Breigh Neuville, designer and creator of the B.E.Unique Jewlery Collection. If you would like to check out our first issue of the magazine, you may do so by clicking the link below:
Digital copies are the magazine are only $5! However, printed copies are available, if interested.

You can also check out our facebook page:

Inspired Imagery Magazine would like to feature artist from all different realms of art. If you are interested in being featured in our magazine, please send us an e-mail at:

Submissions are free and you could be our next spotlight artist of the month! Professional photos are required. If you do not have professional photos, they can be provided for you by Jacob Breaux Photography, for an additional charge. Serious inquires only, please.

We can not wait to hear from you!
and of course, if you decide to check out our magazine, feel free to come and leave feedback. We are new to the magazine world, and would love to provide exactly what our customers would like to read. What better way to find out, then have them tell us personally?

Have a great day!