Grace and A Reflection on Friendship Appreciation

Today I am taking time and  just reflecting. I am so blessed. As I sit and think about the friends that I have, I feel more and more happy. I am sure we have all been through points in our lives, where we have felt used, abandoned, unappreciated, etc., as a friend.. And, as we are all human, I am sure there have been times in all of our lives, when we have made someone else feel this way; even if we didn’t realize it at the time. And that is ok. It is a part of growing up. You live and you learn.
I know that I have been through plenty of ups and downs with some of the people in my life. I also know that, we are all human and we were all put here without any knowledge, of anything. We had nothing but, life and the people around us, to help us form who we are and what we do. So, we’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all taken someone for granted. We’ve all longed for someone to pay more attention to us-or something.
My point is, that as I sit and reflect on my loved ones and the people that I have gained in my life..-I am so thankful for every mistake, every smile, every disagreement, and every good time that we have had.  They have taught us so much and made us so much stronger. Real bonds form, when someone sticks with you through hard times, as well as the good. True love, is one that is presented with grace. I am truly overjoyed when I think of all the beautiful things that have flourished in my life. I become internally happy, though, when I see this process unfold in the lives of the people that I love. I hope everyone reflects on the beauty in their life on this glorious day. It is a gift(: I love you all!
Have you stopped to reflect and be grateful, for what you have, lately?
It is one of the keys to happiness, afterall- Grace

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