And Then There Were Three..

The Genetic Code: One Woman’s Story on How Genetics Pave the Way For and Impact, Your Life, Forever

And Then There Were Three..


Let’s do a mini-recap.  When we left off, Susan Landry, the first-born of 6 children; had just gotten married, went through her first (and only) miscarriage, and is now(a few years later) pregnant with her second child.  We will now go ahead in time a few months; to birth.

Now, let’s fast forward a few months, to my brother being born.  Martin was born in November of 1985.  When he was born, it was discovered that he had a number of medical issues, as a result of our genetic code.  Back then, after child-birth, you had to stay in the hospital a bit longer than you do now.  Susan’s stay was even more prolonged because, she came down with a terrible fever after labor, and had to be watched for a couple extra days.  Of course, due to Martin’s medical conditions and current state as of birth, he had to be moved to a specialty hospital..-without my mother.

While my mother was recovering, my father would go see Martin every single day.  Upon his return the first day, he had to present my mother with a Polaroid photo of Martin that was given to him by the nurses.  As my mother cheekily smiled and remarked about how sweet the gesture was; my father cried inside.  For, it was a nice gesture but, she was not yet clear as to why, obviously.  My father stood there for a moment, speechless.  Then, with a cracking in his voice, he had to explain to her that he was sent with this photograph because, the nurses were afraid that my mother would not be able to make it to see Martin before he left this Earth.  Martin’s condition was very poor.  She pleaded with them to be able to go see him but, she was in New Iberia and he had been rushed into Lafayette.  Sadly, she did not make it there before her release.  However, Martin did.


Martin stopped breathing at seven hours old.  He did not have oxygen going to his brain and his heart had stopped beating.  He was clinically dead.  Then, a miracle happened..he came back.  My mother was released from the hospital about five days later and finally got to go see her beautiful baby boy.  But, much to her dismay, this did not mean they would get to bring him home.

For the first seven and a half weeks of Martin’s life, he had to live in a hospital.  He died and came back, at least four different times.  Then, one day, as my grandmother and mother were driving home; my mother said she was overcome with a great feeling of peace.  She looked over to my grandmother and said, “Martin is coming home today.  I can just feel it.”

The doctors called not too much later..

Having a child like Martin was a struggle.  Despite that, I don’t think that either of my parents would change anything about him.  If there is one thing that Martin is, it is 100% himself.

Martin had what seemed like an endless list of medical issues including dwarfism, a sunken septum, and adrenal problems.  And, while my entire family were cautioned and knew that he probably would not live a life as long as most (he was not expected to live past the age of 18, if that), they all hoped for a bright and fulfilled future for him.


This is where we will leave off today!  When we return, I will be entering the story(:  STAY TUNED!

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