15 Free Apps that My iPhone Wouldn’t be Complete Without Right Now.

15 Free Apps that My iPhone Wouldn’t be Complete Without Right Now.
(In no particular order)

1. Google Search

Google Search
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Google Search is an awesome App that is free and beyond useful. You can pretty much use it as the Google Now App (even though there is an app for Google Now, they pretty much provide the same info, down to Google’s description of the two) This app is especially useful for a ‘Go-To-Googler’ like me. I Google everything. And now, Google does darn near everything for you! From traffic updates, info for events nearby, check the game’s score, track packages, do a good ol’ google search, & so much more!

2. AllWomenStalk

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AllWomenStalk is an app for AllWomenStalk.com. If you have a smartphone and you’re a woman-this App should be in your daily routine. Whether you’re looking for the latest hair & make-up trends, safe & healthy weight-loss tips, love, & everything else you can possibly think of for women of all ages! If you do not already have this app, you really need to check it out.

3. WordPress

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In their own words,

“WordPress has never been quite so mobile before.”

On their mobile app you can do almost ANYTHING that you can on your PC- from easily writing post, editing current content, sharing photos-and so much more! If you love wordpress, then you need to download it from the App Store today!

4. Dictionary.com

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Dictionary.com App is more than just a dictionary! It is a delightful mobile resource for everything word related. This App provides access to millions of definitions, audio pronunciations, examples, translations, synonyms and spelling help. With this app you can also access Thesaurus.com and Reference.com. These resources greatly enhance the lives of people socially, professionally, & most importantly, academically.

5. PhotoShop Express

The Photoshop Express App gives you the ability to breathe new life into your photos on your phone!
You can crop, straighten, rotate, flip, remove red eye, adjust hue, brightness, & much more-fast & easy. This app also enables you to enhance your photos in fun artistic ways. Photoshop Express also makes sharing your photos super quick I easy. It allows you to post photos on social sites or send them via e-mail! You can even capture photos right from the App!

6. FaceTune

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FaceTune is another photo editting App that I get so much use out of! When you are constantly posting photos online, you have to be able to have the ability to tweek them yourself a little. With facetune you can get rid of blemishes, enhance color, defocus/blurr, adjust filters, tone, and the list goes on! This can all be done on your iPhone. Facetune and it’s developer website also offer quite a few tutorials to help you along!

7. Pinterest

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Pinterest is a nifty little tool you can use to find, plan, and share things you want to do or think is really cool! You like it? PIN IT! Pinterest is also very diverse. So, it offers you tons of different ideas for tons of different things! You can use Pinterest to help you plan a trip, plan projects, get ideas for gifts, find clothing you love, organize a party or conference, or even your house! Pinterest is an awesome source to find endless, awesome ideas! You should download it in your App store and start saving your great ideas!

8. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel
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Do I even need to explain this? Living in Louisiana is a bit of a guessing game. Even when we check the weather, it’s hard to be sure that you’re preparing yourself correctly. It can literally be 80 degrees here one day, and 34 the next. So, what does this mean? This means that any smart person in Louisiana who wants to successfully and safely fulfill their day, should check the weather-often. The Weather Channel App is reliable and provides you with push alerts when there is severe weather approaching. You get the latest tropical storm and hurricane updates-which is also a must here. You can also access videos and save your favorite travel route and commutes to see how and if the weather will impact them!

9. Instagram

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Instagram is one of those Apps that isn’t started based around a website. And, while I am aware that they are still working on the website version..it’s nowhere near the same! Instagram is a free app that allows you to take and share photos and videos with friends, family, & whoever follows your feed! With Instagram you can take & share videos up to 15 seconds long, access custom designed filters, blurr effects, unlimited upload, quick and easy sharing with other social networks, and interaction with others using instagram and so, so much more!

10. Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages Manager
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The Facebook Pages Manager App allows you and your page’s other admins to easily keep up with all of your/their pages in one spot and makes it simple to reach your audience. You can choose if you do or do not you want to receive push notifications for things such as reminders, activities, and even helpful tips! This App makes it super easy to view and reply to comments and photos on your page. You can also read and reply to private messages, make post, view insights, and even schedule post-all from your iPhone!

11. Snapchat

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Let’s admit it. Adult life can get a little boring. And, despite the fact that I am pretty sure this App was made for another reason, it entertains the heck out of me! Snap a photo, draw something funny on it, and send it to your friends! You also get a ‘snap story’ where you can save snaps you want everyone to see. These snaps stick around in your ‘story’ for 24 hours before the disappear! Watch what you snap though! Even with your snaps disappearing after 10 seconds, you can’t stop anyone from taking screenshots! However, this nifty little app does let you know when just that has happened!

12. Square Register

Square Register
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If you have a smartphone and a reason to accept credit card payments, then you should try the Square Register App. First & foremost it is free to download and they send you a free card reader! With this App, you can swipe or key in any major credit card to take a payment (which is sent straight into your bank account). You can organize services and/or products for quicker check-outs and track sales reporting simpler. Your customers can sign and tip right there on your device and can even chose if thy want their receipt printed, texted, e-mailed, or not at all! The Square Register charges you 2.75% of every swipe you make, which is hardly a price to pay for no commitments and no monthly fees! And here’s the best part- you’re payment is deposited into your account within 1-2 business days! With the Square Register you can also track payments, see what is selling, and even more if you visit your web dashboard. With the Square you can sell in-store, online, or via mobile!

13. PayPal

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PayPal is an easy, safe, and fast way to pay for things via internet, mobile device, or in store. With PayPal you can send people money without sharing unnecessary private information. PayPal processes millions of payments every day. They now offer to provide you with a ‘slider’ to take credit card payments and you do not need a PayPal account to pay for something via PayPal. How nifty is that?!

14. Facebook

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The Facebook App provides you with Facebook-on the go, of course! You can see what you friends are up to, share photos, videos, updates, and more-on the go! With this app you can get notifications straight to your phone when friends like, comments, or share your post. You can also play games, chat, text, have group conversations, and do whatever else you would regularly do on Facebook!

15. Pandora

Pandora Internet Radio
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Pandora is internet radii. With Pandora you can quickly and easily find amazing music for free! You can create personalized stations using the name is your favorite artist, genre, songs, etc. Now you can even add to a stations so it makes a playlist based around multiple kinds of music that you enjoy! Indulge in almost a century of great music with just a tap of your finger. And Pandora is the same across mobile, the web, TV or in your car- so you can enjoy it anywhere. Just login or create a free account today!

What are some of your favorite or ‘can’t live without’ Apps and why?