That Moment: Rejoice In What You’re Given

“Happiness isn’t about getting what you want. Happiness is about wanting what you’ve got.”
It’s crazy. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s that moment when it all hits you. Life isn’t always a fairy tale..& the good really do die young sometimes.

Not all people are angels but, you shouldn’t take it for granted when you do have one. It is that moment when you realize, you’ll never see them again. Sometimes you don’t even know them; it just reminds you that it could have been you…or someone close to you.

With so much going on these days..we tend to get caught up. And while it usually isn’t on purpose, sometimes we neglect, take advantage of, and under appreciate the people and things we love the most. I think that today, we should all go home & just be thankful. Give your family hugs and be thankful for all you have. You may not have the best of everything but, some people don’t even have a mediocre version of the things they NEED. So rejoice in what you have been given.

Happiness is not about getting what you want. Happiness is about wanting what you already have.

And if there’s something missing..just pray. If there is someone missing…pray. Maybe you can’t bring them back; but you sure as heck can help their spirit live on.

 Do you have these moments? Do you forget to show appreciation sometimes? Have you lost someone or something that really means a lot to you? How are you helping someone you lost, live on? Today, lets make all efforts to show someone appreciation and remind ourself how lucky we truly are! And today, lets also find a way to honor anyone special we have lost.