No One Is Perfect

I can’t say that I’m perfect. However, I can say that everyone has bad days. No one is ALWAYS nice. We all have points to prove and issued unresolved. But, I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who will stick by me through all that.

We don’t always agree. We don’t always have the same visions. But, I trust that I’ve finally found someone who won’t give up on me, regardless of what I/we have going on. And, I love him a whole lot. So, I’m going to stick by his side, no matter what. Because, that’s what love is people. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t turn away someone who’s 97% awesome, just to be greedy & get that extra 3%. You’ll never find it. And you’ll have lost your biggest supporter! No one is perfect. You definitely are not perfect; Nor am I. Not everyone finds their partner.

So feel extra, super blessed that someone puts up with you every dang day; if that is the case. And make sure they do the same. Maybe they could be more romantic, or spontaneous, or whatever it is that they lack. If you love them, and you’re honored enough to have them love you back. Everyday. No matter what. No. Matter. What. Then, be happy with what you have, please. Before everyone who doesn’t have it turns into zombies and eats your face.

P.s. I love and appreciate your face Joshwa(: my One & Only who puts up with my on a daily(: Thank you for loving me!