10 Signs of Things to be Grateful For

10 Signs of Things to be Grateful For:

1.  You say goodbye but, don’t end up actually leaving untill an hour later….and you really don’t care at all.

2. Bad stuff happens everyday but, you still just laugh when someone says something like, “Better you than me.”  because, maybe they’re right..

3.  You hear those annoying little songs that you hate on the radio..yet, you catch yourself bobbing your head & singing along anyway because, you just feel happy.

4.  You don’t care that you don’t have the best of everything because, you’re too busy enjoying what you do have.

5.  You know those who really matter, don’t mind.

6.  You have a place to call home.

7.  You share that home with people you  love.

8. There’s never a dull moment.

9. You can’t go to the store and get anything without getting at least one more for someone else.

10.  You feel like you laugh more than you breathe.