Thankful for Reminders

I just want to thank God & the universe, right here, right now, for all the awesome people in our lives.

When times get hard & stressful, it is so easy to lose sight of what’s really in front of you.

Suddenly it feels like everything is wrong. Sometimes we feel like the people truly helping us, are against us. As humans, we let ourselves be blinded when we become overwhelmed.

It’s truly a blessing to have people in your life who will simply provide kind words when you need them. To help calm you down & bring you back to reality. They make you remember to appreciate what you have & help you see who really is there to help and to hurt you.
And sometimes they do all this, without even realizing it. They are just trying to be there because, they love you. Sometimes they don’t even know the weight they lift off of your shoulders. Those people are blessings. That is real love. Expecting nothing in return, just wanting someone to be happy.

Thank you
. Because, as a human, I don’t think I could handle it all alone. And even though, I do think I’ve done a lot for myself in my life…I am not going to stand here and try to say that I have done it all alone. I would have never made it half this far in my life…without, at least, the moral support of the people I love.

I really hope you all have a wonderful day(:

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