Realization: It’s part of growing up.

Today, I realized how incredibly scared & excited I am to have a child someday.

Let me start by saying that, I know how hard I love. I love with my whole heart. Sometimes, I don’t really know when to stop. Occasionally, it even hurts.

But, never until this moment, have I ever realized that, I love with so much of myself…and I have not even experienced being a mother yet. That’s exciting… and it is also very, very scary.

Love makes me happy and I think that I am already pretty dang good at it. So, in a sense, it is very exciting. I can’t even imagine being able to love anything more than, I love what I have now.
And one day, I will. That amazes me.

I can’t fathom a more powerful feeling than the one I already experience.

However, in that same thought; that is terrifying. If I love any harder, that means it hurts harder too.

Every scraped knee. Every missed goal. Every heartbreak. I can almost feel it already. Tis life I guess.

Can’t send them out into the world without the proper training. However, how will I handle them going through that training? That is the question!

Yet, despite all of this…I still anticipate having future little blessing(s) greatly & with much enthusiasm. No great achievement comes without risk…& I just can’t wait!

Love. It’s probably one of the most powerful things, ever.

Well, that’s my random thought share of the day.
Moving along now..