Who The Real Friends Are

You find out who your real friends are when something really terrible happens.

   As we get older, friendships change.  We grow & evolve into adults, with adult lives.  Beers turn into baby bottles.  School turns into work.  Free time turns into priorities.  And though we may truly enjoy each other; growing up creates distance.

   We go from sleep-overs, parties, & spending every waking minute together; to work, family, & boyfriends/girlfriends.  You begin to recognize  who is and is not good for you; because, it’s not only about you anymore. Or we are just so incredibly busy, that we don’t have enough time in a day to keep up.

      Growing up is a true test to friendship.

   Needless to say,  friends when we are young and friends when we are older, are not exactly the same.  However, despite this, there are moments in life that undenyably remind you/shed light on who your genuine friends actually are.

   No matter how long it has been since you have seen or talked to them…the instant you are in true danger of breaking, is when your sincere friends will show up, no matter what.  And that is what it’s all about.

   If I didnt’ already know who my true friends were before; I unquestionably found out about a year & a half ago, when my brother died.

   And, while what I lost hurts more than anything that I can imagine; I am beyond grateful for the love & people that made sure they were by my side at such a horrible time.  That’s what real friends do when you need them.  They don’t sit there and try to recall the last time they saw you or what you’ve done for them, to weigh out if you are worth the trouble.  Instead, they push aside their busy life, simply because, this time you are more important.  And that is ok.  That is how it should be. 

   We’re all human.  All of our days, only have 24 hours in them.  As we grow, we naturally have more responsibility & less time to sit around and wait for someone to need us.  But, when we truly do need someone, a real friend will be there.  Even if they already know that they can’t make it better.  Because, even though we’re grown up and busy now…those friends (Blessings, really) still know that sometimes all that you need to hold you up, is a good friend by your side……………………………………..and maybe some wine.