A Friendly Reminder.

To busy to listen. To uninvolved to care. Quick to judge..but, hesitant to take just a few minutes to try to understand. That’s what’s wrong with some people today. Some may not even realize it.
This is just a friendly reminder:

Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open your heart. Close your mouth.

Try this for 30 minutes today and see if you don’t end up having a different point of view about something. Hell, you may not. But, why not be open minded and give it a shot?

Who knows what you could end up doing or becoming to someone as the result?! You may even change a life. Possibly, your own.


What I learned in 2012. Yes, 2012.

This is a some-what older post. I originally posted this on December 17, 2012 onto my Facebook feed.

I just felt like reflecting back & sharing it with all of you. Also, it makes me think of my brother, and that is always nice.

Dec 17, 2012 near Morbihan, LA
As 2012 is coming to a close..I figured I’d reflect back on things I’ve learned this year..here’s 100 of the millions of things that I have learned in 2012! If you don’t feel like reading 100 of them..then don’t. K?Thanks,bye(:

1) I hate doing perms. And they stink.
2) It’s easier to cut hair on a person, than it is on a mannequin.
3) I love Science Channel. And I love Space.
4) I can survive the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I know, because, I did. RIP Martini, I love you! Bff
5) I still forking love eggs & bacon.
6) You can bleach your hair so much that it can literally be stained by hair color.
7) You can bleach you hair so much, that it will no longer hold color at all.
8) Cutting hair.
9) How to make a chair, jewelry holder, & multiple other things from one baby crib.
10) I love repurposing things. DIY for life!
11) I’m pretty talented.
12) I have a lot to offer.
13) I want babies soon.
14) Did I mention how much I love eggs & bacon?
15) I have the weirdest/best boyfriend, bestfriends, & dogs in the universe.
16) I’m good at painting on walls:P
17)fishtail braid
18) I Finally found someone who loves me, as much as I love them. And shows it. Soulmate♥
19) You can mix purple hair color with the wrong white additive & your hair will end up mint green.
20) I can have whatever hair color I want.
21) My clothes don’t need to match. People think I’m cool anyway.
22) people love how weird & honest I am.
23) moving is a lot of work. moving 3 times in a year in a half….yeah
24) I hate driving to and inside of Lafayette.
25) Some commercials are worth the show stopping.
26) Color is my second language.
27) you can make blankets without sewing anything.
28) People like to give me stuff.
29) I’m doing a good job at this karma thing.
30) zebras dancing with wolves.
31) you can make a curtain from almost ANYTHING.
32) I still hate auto correct. But, I still won’t turn it off.
33) I simply can’t own a purse or wallet for over 6 months without breaking it in some way.
34) I will still use a purse or wallet, broken, for like 6 months.
35) I hate doing dishes more than I thought. And I already thought I hated it a lot.
36) sponge bob was originally intended to be an adult cartoon.
37) My brother is freaking popular.
38) Real friends are always there when it matters. No matter what.
39) My boyfriend rocks.
40) I use a lot of toilet paper.
41) Watercolors.
42) Pine needles catch on fire VERY quickly.
43) People steal Epson Salt. I shit you not.
44) We found that snickers btw.
45) We drink a lot of milk.
46) people like pictures of ANYTHING.
47) I think that people think I’m entertaining?
48) Ramen noodle everything.
49) Boudin at Earl’s is boss.
50) it can take like an hour for a 9 month old to successfully have sex with Maxi.
51) Maxi is into chihuahuas.
52) I had forgot about the Taco Bell dog.
53) I will have a love child with Lava Sauce.
54) I’m smarter than I thought.
55) Apparently, I will be a good mom.
56) You can miss someone so much that it hurts.
57) I cook good.
58) Smash cake. I shouldn’t need to say more.
59) The best day of the year is the day before Valentine’s(:
60) Now, I know what real love feels like.
61) I rhyme on accident A LOT.
62) I can’t be normal.
63) I don’t want to be either.
64) people can tell when I don’t take my medicine.
65) I want a new dish washer.
66) Josh loves cheese just as much as I do.
67) Josh & I make a pretty good team.
68) I have so. Many. Ideas.
69) I’m extremely initiative.
70) I work pretty well under pressure…usually.
71) You digest food faster laying in your left side.
72) it’s not hard for me to think of random things.
73) you wouldn’t survive a day in my brain.
74) My feet have gotten bigger..they were already pretty big.
75) people are nuts.
76) I believe in the Law of Attraction.
77) Garlic everything.
78) Nenard Brother’s has gangster chicken salad.
79) It’s not that hard to make donuts.
80) Surprisingly, I’m a pretty deep person.
81) I care about others A LOT..almost too much sometimes.
82) I have mastered unconditional love.
83) Family is family. Blood make you related. Loyalty makes you family. Family will be there forrrrevvverr.
84) I still know almost every word to Half Baked.
85) I need a car.
86) I don’t like not having a job.
87) Depending on other’s sucks.
88) But, I’m incredibly grateful and know I’m bless to have someone to depend on when I need it most.
89) I like to do hood rat things.
90) I NEED curtains.
91) You find the best people when and where you least expect to.
92) Dogs are people too, lol.
93) Napoleon & Hitler only ha one testicle.
94) Gloves without fingers are useful.
95) A picture is worth way more than a 1,000 words.
96) Speak out, even if you feel like no one is listening. The right people always hear you if they’re supposed to.
97) Really happiness isn’t getting what you want. It’s wanting what you have.
98) No one can make you happy if you aren’t happy with yourself.
99) Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do besides be there. And that’s ok. Put 110% into that.
100) Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue prints are different.