Past, Present, Future. Motivation.

Don’t let the things that you have done define your future; save that for what you will do. That’s how it should be right?
Past, present, future; three different names for three different things.

An unpleasant past/struggling present isn’t always a ‘bad’ thing & many of us are often fooled by it.

I’m sure if life would always go ‘our way’, it would be nice. But, if you work hard toward a brighter future…don’t you think it would be more fulfilling to be able to sit back and take pride in what you have overcome within your journey? Isn’t it worth more, if you have true accomplishments to reflect on? The more you climb, the stronger you become. Accept life’s guidance.

Maybe, just maybe…one day you will realize that what you previously called problems, may eventually be concluded as some form of motivation. And motivation isn’t a bad thing, is it?





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