How to Escape the Claws of the Grammar Police

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If superfluous commas, misplaced apostrophes (looking at you, it’s/its, they’re/their!), and sentence-ending prepositions make you flinch in horror, you’re in the right place. We take grammar seriously at The Daily Post; my fellow editors and I can often be found quibbling and nitpicking over tenses, modes, and — you guessed it — punctuation. Good writing, though, isn’t merely about adhering to rules. It’s also about knowing how and when to break them. Today, let’s talk about grammar — and the kinds of liberties you might consider taking with it.

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Lose Control

Let me first start off by saying that this is solely my opinion. If you agree, then great! If you disagree, then great! Open to discussion, not to argument. Hehe.

I think one of the keys to people losing their happiness, is when they are living under the impression that they need to control everything. Or, when they even think it is remotely possible for them to do. Let it be, I say! Anytime you think & act based on this thought process, you are asking for trouble. Because, here’s the CAN NOT & WILL NOT ever be able to control EVERYTHING. And I am really not sure who would want to take on that work load anyhow?

Firstly, unless you’re always alone..then you’re with other people. And you simply can not always control others.
And second of all…the fact of the matter is, there is a higher power than you, that controls things that you can not.. I don’t know if your life is predetermined or if you’re given things randomly with the hopes that you will do what is right..But, wether you believe that, that higher power is God, just spirits, the stars, the universe, or some weird theory about your salt & pepper shakers..none of that really does actually matter. Because, it’s just an opinion. There are more theories out there than we can count, I’m sure. All slightly unbelievable, but still plausible somehow.
So regardless of what exactly that higher power happens to’s there. You can’t deny it. You didn’t make it rain did you? You don’t make the sunshine, do you? Ok, then, its there. And it throws things at you, that you CAN’T control.
So, learn to embrace what you get & make it the best you can. Learn, grow, evolve. Whatever you do..stop expecting EVERYTHING to happen ‘your way or the highway’. Because, soon, you may just find yourself on the side of the interstate with your thumb out.

Next time you’re having a bad day, trying losing control a little. Do a little ‘Jesus take the wheel’ so to speak! Sometimes loosening your grip is the only relief you really need!



Past, Present, Future. Motivation.

Don’t let the things that you have done define your future; save that for what you will do. That’s how it should be right?
Past, present, future; three different names for three different things.

An unpleasant past/struggling present isn’t always a ‘bad’ thing & many of us are often fooled by it.

I’m sure if life would always go ‘our way’, it would be nice. But, if you work hard toward a brighter future…don’t you think it would be more fulfilling to be able to sit back and take pride in what you have overcome within your journey? Isn’t it worth more, if you have true accomplishments to reflect on? The more you climb, the stronger you become. Accept life’s guidance.

Maybe, just maybe…one day you will realize that what you previously called problems, may eventually be concluded as some form of motivation. And motivation isn’t a bad thing, is it?