NEWSFLASH: Shapes & Sizes


Just because, I’m ‘skinny’, doesn’t mean that I can’t think a thicker woman is beautiful and appreciate that. Just because, you think I’m thin, doesn’t mean I’d EVER even fit into a size zero (I’m 5’10 for holy sakes), nor does it mean that I’m obsessive about my weight. And just because, I may be smaller than you, doesn’t mean I’m not healthy.

I doesn’t mean in anorexic. And it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t eat.

It just means that I’m human. And, just like you, I have my own mold.

I didn’t ask to be this size. Who says I never wanted bigger boobs?

So, get over it. I’m obviously not the one uncomfortable with my body, if you’re the one who is talking about it.

Love, Peace, Gorillas doing the Hokey Pokey.