The Good, The Bad, The Diversity.

People say that they appreciate the diversity of this world. But, do they really?

Or do they just appreciate the diversity to the extent in which it suit them?

I try to appreciate everything/every situation; good & bad. Don’t get me wrong. I am human. I get upset, mad, etc. about situations that are unpleasant to me.

However, I also value the idea of having Faith that, this ‘bad’ thing that ha happened, will open me up or get me ready for something greater. Maybe to teach me something, or help me pursue a desired quality in myself.

Regardless of that fact that my Faith is justified or not, really doesn’t matter.

If you can be positive enough to keep yourself happy through the bad things..there are still great things waiting.

After all, Life will always be a balance of the good & the bad. They will both always be there. It is up to you to recognize and observe them both. Then, use them wisely

Love, Peace, & Rose Colored Sporks.

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