[Be]lieve in [you]rself

Be weird, be random..if that’s what you are. Be shy, be soft spoken..if that’s what comes naturally. Be outspoken or bitchy, funny, or humble. Witty, creative, goofy, sarcastic. Whatever it is, let it shine..as long as it’s yours.

Being yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. Being something you are not, is.

There’s someone, somewhere in the world that is looking for someone just like you.

Maybe they need someone to bring warmth back into their hearts. Maybe they need someone to help keep themselves in line. Whatever the case, it’s YOUR personality they may be searching to mesh with..and if you’re too busy acting like someone else, they’re going to pass you right by. Then, nobody wins.

So why hide yourself? You’re beautiful.

After while crocodile.
Love, Peace, & Egg Sandmiches.



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